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Service Description

Paragraph-rewriter.net gives you tools to help with writing, but we can't promise they'll be perfect for your needs or work everywhere in the world. Using our tools is your choice, and we're not on the hook if something goes wrong because you used our site in a way you weren't supposed to.

Integrity of Terms

If any part of these terms doesn't hold up in court, the rest still apply. Just because we don't enforce a rule right now doesn't mean we can't or won't later on.

Usage Guidelines

When you use paragraph-rewriter.net, you need to be honest and keep your info current if we ask for it. Stick to using our site the way we've set it up. Don't try to hack your way in or use bots or anything like that.

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Limitation of Liability

We do our best to make sure our tools work right, but we can't promise they're perfect. If you spot a mistake, let us know. Our site might change without warning. We're not responsible if something you submit gets lost or changed, or if our site gives your computer a virus. Any repairs or data recovery costs are on you.

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Sometimes, we might show stuff from other websites. That content is their responsibility, not ours. We can take it down or choose not to show it, and we're not saying we think it's great or accurate. Be careful when you visit other sites through links on ours.

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