Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, your privacy is super important to us. We want you to feel safe and confident when you use our tool.

Data Collection and Use

A big question we often hear is about what we do with the information you put into Paragraph Rewriter. Here’s the simple answer: we don’t keep or sell your data. Keeping your information private is our top concern.

Standard Website Practices

Just like any other website, we don’t grab any personal info that could identify you. We’re all about respecting your privacy and making sure you have a secure time on our site.

Use of Cookies

Here’s how we use cookies and localStorage:

Preference Memory

Cookies help us remember what you like. For example, if you’re working on something with Paragraph Rewriter and come back later, your work is still there. You can choose to accept these cookies or not, and you can change your mind any time.

A/B Testing

We also use cookies to test out new features, like trying out different colors for a button to see which one you like better. This helps us make sure you get a consistent experience when you visit us again.

Advertising and Making Money

We have ads on our site to keep our services free for you. Ad companies might use cookie info from your visits to show ads they think you’ll like. But, they can’t see the data you enter into Paragraph Rewriter. We don’t control what these ad companies collect, so it’s a good idea to check out their privacy policies too.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how people use our site and where they come from. This info is anonymous and doesn’t point back to you.

We’re here to make sure you have a private and secure experience with Paragraph Rewriter. Your privacy is a big deal to us, and we work hard to protect it.

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